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Why Homeopathy?



In Homeopathy dealing with a persons’ complaint is just like looking through a small window into the world of INDIVIDUALITY of that human being. As a homoeopath I spend one hour taking narrative notes of the INDIVIDUALITY of the human being sitting right in front of me. Painting a portrait of that persons’ INDIVIDUALITY and bringing that into comparison with natural material from earth. After giving the remedy the follow-up involves listening to the language of the body how that remedy influenced the body in uniting it with the self and with nature. All of the future follow-ups are fine tuning of the unity, making sure this person is complaint free as a WHOL(E)ISTIC person. The journey of unity with the self and with nature is a long one that involves a lot of self-reflection and deep awareness of how you feel about yourself? And which part of your body is most influenced by those feelings? 

Having said that, homoeopathic care will not mandate that you follow a certain style of life or nutrition. But the resulting unity between the body, self and nature will guide the person eventually to preserve that unity and start to take a healthy way of living. 

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